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Benefits of Burdock Root


Herbs can be an excellent source to get specific health benefits. There are thousands of herbs on planet and each one contains specific qualities. People have been used them for centuries for their different needs and purpose. Some use them for only culinary purpose while others use them as an alternative to get health benefits.

With this blog post I would like to share information about Burdock root. It is one of the best herbs which have been used for both purposes (culinary and medicinal). It is best source to purify and flush out toxins from the blood so it is known as blood purifier from past. Experts say that it is helpful to make our liver and kidneys healthy, that is essential to having a healthy body. The liver is main important organs within our bodies, and it is essential to provide it whatever it needs to work properly.

It has three parts seeds, leaves, and root. Root is most important part of this plant as it contains several health benefited properties. It is available in different form such as tea, capsules, tonic and powder. My favorite way to take it is in tea form, because it is easiest way to get all essential ingredient that it bring and also it is way to digest easily. Before buying any burdock supplements make sure that you’re taking high quality products. 

Some of health benefits of burdock root as follows:

  • It is helpful to flush out toxins and poisons from the blood.
  • It is a natural diuretic.
  • It has anti-bacterial and anti fungus properties.
  • It believe to get health benefits in urinary tract infections.
  • It is helpful to support the immune system.
  • It is helpful to improves digestion and helpful to cleanses the colon.
  • It is helpful tin skin problems

Burdock root also is a great source of vitamin B and vitamin E. In addition it is full of minerals potassium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorus. It has been used as one of the most herbs in ESSIAC Products. it is well known brand among the people that is helpful to enhance our immunity. It is available in the form of Capsules, teas, tonic, ESSIAC Powder and ESSIAC Extract Products.

Burdock root may helpful to get these mentioned ailments but it doesn’t mean that it is safe to use. It can carry side effects too, so it is recommended that we need to consult with a physician to avoid such side effects on health.


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